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Two decades of excellence delivers business growth and industry recognition

San Gabriel, CA, January 5, 2016 -- Lisa Yang, CEO and founder of Csll Logistics Inc., is excited to have reached her 20-year anniversary as a provider of freight forwarding services. Csll Logistics Inc., incorporated in 2008 and based in California, has established itself as one of the most reliable and trusted logistics companies in the region. The company is proud to celebrate 8 years of learning and progress, and its commitment to the future of the company, the services and the industry.

"I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me and inspiring me in my 20-year career as freight forwarder. I would also like to thank our partners for the successes that Csll Logistics has achieved in the past 8 years," said Lisa. "Our partners include shipping companies, trucking companies, warehouses, domestic and oversea agents, and all other companies and individuals who help us keep improving our services to the clients. Our partners' success is, and will continue to be, our success.."

Over the past 8 years, Csll Logitics has built a reputation as an industry leader. The company maintains a network of steamship lines that traverse the globe, and has agents around the world to assist with foreign to foreign transport. The company handles shipments going to or coming from China and Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America and others. Csll Logistics works closely with over 100 trucking companies in the U.S. and has partnership with warehouses across the country. The company is dedicated to finding the most cost effective shipping and warehousing solutions for the customers.

Csll Logistics paves the way to the future, it pledges to create mindsets and methodologies to uncover important, unsolved problems, while focusing, validating and refining innovation to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

“We at Csll Logistics are thankful to our many customers for making this anniversary possible,” said Lisa. “Their feedback has shaped our company through the years, and their faith in our ability to support them has sustained us. We look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers for many years to come.”


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